Jigzo HD

Beautiful jigsaw puzzles on your iPad

Our first iPad app has just been released: the HD version of Jigzo, our instant jigsaw puzzle game. Your favorite pictures will look gorgeous on the large iPad display, and the larger size makes Jigzo HD even more to play.

Play Jigzo HD alone, together with kids and family, or send your puzzle to a friend using the built-in puzzle mail feature.

Jigzo (Free Edition)

Instant puzzles on your iPhone or iPod Touch

With Jigzo, you can turn your favorite pictures into nice looking jigsaw puzzles! Create a simple puzzle for a quick game or challenge yourself with lots of pieces: four difficulty levels make Jigzo fun for both children and adults.

The built-in puzzle mail lets you share your with family or friends.

Baby Name Game

The first product we released is Baby Name Game, an app to help you find a name for your coming baby. It's available in a Girl's and a Boy's version, and contains thousands of names from the United States, France and the Netherlands.

Hot on its heels came 寶寶叫什麼? (Baby Name Game Chinese), which generates nice chinese names for your son or daughter.


Our second app is iDon'tForget, a simple yet highly effective reminder, helping you stay awake or stay in shape, by notifying you in unmissable way.

All you need to do is launch the app: when it the alarm sounds you don't need to turn it off or touch your phone, just do what you wanted to remind yourself of.

So, stay awake, stay healthy: iDon'tForget will make sure you remember!